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Vanessa Bronder (Alward)
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Investment Advisor/Mom Married 3
After graduation I stayed around for a few more months waiting for my first year to begin in February, at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, by waiting tables at Austin St Café and traveling to England and Europe. That started me on my love of food, wine and people. I stayed in NZ and later moved to Wellington, but I left in 93 to help look after my ill father. While working in Westport I met my husband, Stephen; we married in 1999 at Pinewood Lake in Trumbull. My father died later that year from a form of Early-onset Alzheimer’s.    
I naturally transitioned from an English degree and restaurant work to financial markets and investing. I’ve been an investment advisor with Resnick Investment Advisors in Westport ( since May 2000.  After my second son was born I began to work from home. My husband and I co-own the River House Tavern in Westport, but Stephen is now executive chef at BJ Ryan’s in Norwalk
We have 3 boys: Harry Aidan, 5, Jackson Oliver, 3, and Kian Geoffrey, nearly 11 months; all of whom, of course, are beautiful, intelligent and funny. 
While traveling around
New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific, I never would have believed I would wind up living in CT, but I love Redding
and have such a great life.
And now that I’m a mother I have such a different view of school and learning. Luckily we change!
I look forward to the reunion to see everyone, catch up and have some fun!
Thanks Joanne for organizing this.
Oh- the now picture is of me (just a week before I had my 3rd son) and Stephen with Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club at the River House. The Then photo is my Jr year class pic- I had gone to high school in NZ the 2nd half of that year.
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Joanne Carbone (Amante)
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December 25, 1968 Catering/Bartending Freelancer Married 2
WOW!  30 YEARS???? How can that be???  How can what feels like yesterday really be 3 decades ago?!?!
After raising our daughters in Sandy Hook for 20 years, we moved back to Trumbull a few months ago.  Back to our roots & its been amazing!  
While Ron and I divorced in 2012, we reunited 2 years later, and life is all good! 
The girls are now 18 & 20 & both attending college. Jessica is a business major and a junior at Eastern. Chloe is a communications major & a freshman at University of New Hampshire.  They have both grown into mature, intellingent & loving little ladies!
I am now working in the catering/event planning field and loving it; always a new & exciting adventure!  I am hoping that this reunion is my best event to date!
I hope to see you all 7/21; it's going to be a great night on the beach!
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cheryl Simmeth (anderson)
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Golf Professional Married 1
What a great website. This is so fun to see everyone's life since H.S. I am a golf professional at Wykagyl Country Club in New Rochelle, NY. I am fortunate to be able to work in a business that is my passion. I will be celebrating my 15 year wedding anniversary this October with my husband Lorin who is from IL. We spent our early years traveling and working. We have a beautiful baby girl, Callie, who was born last May. She has Down Syndrome. Thank God, she is doing remarkably well. We are so thankful for all the amazing people in this world who have been able to help us be the best possible parents for her. I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion and yes I will be happy to give you some golf tips! Send cheryl a MessageSend cheryl a Message
cheryl hrynewsky (andresen)
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November 25, 1969 Married 3

20 years ago, what a blur... we were all so young, naive with such bad fashion sense and yet we thought we knew it all....when really we were all in the same boat, just trying to figure life out.  Now its our 20 year reunion and life is finally is starting to make some sense!
I wonder how different High School would be if we could all go back for a day NOW? Hey... wait isn't that a reality show?
Since then, I did the 7 year punk rock college plan, first in Hartford, then Arizona, then finally my second home, New Haven.
Then in 1994, I opened my own business, an urban footwear and accessories store, SoleMate,which I had for 6 great years!Got married in 2000 and then did the corporate retail thing at Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic. Left on maternity leave in 2002 and never returned!

Now we have a(almost)5 year old son, Jaden Snow, and hoping for more soon.....UPDATE....I gave birth to twins Quinn(boy) and Stella(girl) in August of 2008!
I am loving being able have the opportunity to stay home and be a "working" MOM!
My folks are still in Trumbull so I am there often......I am so proud to say that I am still so close to my high school friends! I am way more thankful for them than the diploma I barely walked away with! 
As for the reunion and this website, I am really looking forward to seeing some old familiar faces and long lost pals and am curious to learn what amazing paths everyones lives have taken.  Best to you and your families........Be Sweet!  

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Thomas Arganese
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Business Relations Committed Relationship
Wow, here we are approaching our 20th reunion. These years have gone by way to quickly.
I thank God for a blessed 20 years. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I am most passionate about in life. Spending time with family, friends and traveling.
I have been together with my girlfriend for the last 10 years. We spend most of our time in Las Vegas, NV and some of the year in Newport Beach, CA.
I work as the chief financial officer for a beverage distributorship in Las Vegas.
I’ve invented and brought to market a product for golf in hopes to raise money for cancer research
I've been involved with the fight against childhood obesity and children's eating disorders over the last 20 years, opened kids camps and children’s wellness centers throughout the states.
Would someone mind emailing me the map to the fountain of youth? Everyone looks great...
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Yasmin Seyal (Assef)
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Mom Married 4

I missed the five and ten year reunions, but I am really looking forward our 20-year anniversary!  It will be so neat to see our classmates after all these years.  It's crazy how fast the time goes!
I am enjoying life with my husband, Karim, of 11 years and our beautiful children, Michele (9 1/2), Christopher (8), Emily (6 1/2) and Caroline (3 1/2).  We've been living in Wilton for seven years now and love it very much. I met my husband in 1992 at Citytrust Bank, where I was working.  He worked for Chase Manhattan Bank, which took over my bank.  We dated (secretly, because it was not allowed in the bank!) and after ten months I finally left because I couldn't stand hiding our relationship.  I worked for Paloma Partners in Greenwich for several years.  In April of 1996, my husband proposed and we married that September.  Six months later I became pregnant with our first child, Michele.  In my 5th month of pregnancy, I quit work to prepare for being a Mom.  And THAT was (and still is) the toughest job ever!
Despite the constant running around after school with the kids' various activities, the time spent doing homework with them, and the usual bedtime routines, I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything else.
I have my Masters of Art in Education and certification to teach K-6, but I haven't officially become a teacher yet.  I may not for a while, as my kids keep me really busy.   During my free time (ha-ha!) I play tennis, scrapbook, I love to cook, and I have monthly LNO's (ladies' night out) with my girlfriends in town (which keeps me sane).  I look forward to reconnecting with old friends again at our reunion.  See you all on 10/19!  Thanks to Joanne and Tom for putting this website together.  It really helps getting to know and recognize people before actually seeing them in person at the reunion.

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Eric Ballentine
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Director - QA Married 2
Well I've been reading all the bios for about a month now and decided to break down and write mine.

Quick synopsis..Went to UMASS-Amherst and graduated in '91 w/degree in Economics, never spent another minute with that subject since the day I graduated.  Started working for a brokerage firm, Instinet, in NYC in '92 and worked there for 13 years managing a fairly large size software testing group within IT.  I'm currently working for UBS in Stamford, CT (no more killer commute) in IT management.

In 1992, I met (or re-met...we think) my wonderful wife Danielle Bianco (also THS '87 alum)  at Captains Cove, our eyes met across the room, and I went to get another beer with my friends (THS '87 grads as well).  Then I mentioned to one of them, Doug Berkowitz, that I thought I saw Danielle from high school, and he said he knew her from homeroom so we went back and all ended up going to the New Haven Jazz Festinal the next night, and the rest is history.  

We married in '96 and have two amazing kids, Julia is 7 and Robbie is 3 and are living in Wilton, CT.  No I never left CT even though I always vowed to.

Danielle and I are looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.
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Jim Balocca
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Real Estate Broker Married 2

It is unbelievable that 20 years have gone by this quick!!

Great job Joanne and the crew for putting the event together. Reading the bios and seeing the old school pictures really brought the memories back. 

It's amazing that wherever I was it always seemed that I met someone from THS or they knew someone that went to THS. Even funnier was hearing the stories that each person told about that particular THS graduate. Most of them had to deal with some sort of late night high school/college antics!!(It's funny how so many people know Ismailoff and Pisani)

I have been married for 8 yrs. to my lovely wife Melissa and have 2 awesome girls, Annie Paige (4) and Grace Caroline (1).  After living in Ct, Chicago, New Jersey and Westchester I finally settled in Long Island. If any of you have taken the ferry to Port Jefferson, I live 3 miles from there.

After THS I graduted from Eastern Ct. and took a job with Oxford Health Plans in Norwalk Ct. where I held various operational, account management and sales positions. The last few years with OXHP I was selling in Chicago which is an awesome city!!!

I left OXHP and took a sales job with Merck-Medco in Franklin Lakes, NJ. where I sold strategic initiaves to our clients Corporate Mediacl Directors.

After 3 yrs there and way too much travel I had an opportunity to buy into my in-laws Real Estate company on the Island which I did and am really enjoying it!

Looking forward to the 19th!!

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Scott Bokine
Route Driver Married 2
Glad to see everyone has done so well...I've been  working at Pepsi Bottling Group and being a dad to Melissa 10 and Patrick 7.  My wife, Tina, and I live in Monroe.  Can't believe it has been 20 years! Send Scott a MessageSend Scott a Message
debbie bourdeau
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Executive Assistant Single
WOW!  20 years!!  That certainly snuck up on us, huh??!!
Can't wait for October 19th, it should be a blast!
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